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Benefits of Process Director BPM Software

“All of our electronic workflow processes are now captured by Process Director – and they are more fluid and efficient. The product is a very powerful BPM tool and it is obvious that we are more effective and efficient having deployed it.”

“It is obvious that we are a lot more efficient. We can now quantify employee hours worked and vacations, properly assign company vehicles based on title, and enforce company policies. If we needed to hire a new sales person and did not have the ability to route the forms electronically, it could cost us lost opportunities – and that translates to money.”

About Multi-Chem

A service of Halliburton, the fourth largest and fastest growing oil and gas production chemical company in the world, Multi-Chem delivers oil field products, gas well treatments and pipeline solutions to companies like Chevron, Chesapeake Energy, EOG and Occidental Petroleum.

Business Challenge: The Need for More Formal and Auditable Business Processes

Pinpointing the disposition of key documents and the status of required approvals was a challenge for Multi-Chem. The documents and forms, ranging from new hire requisitions to training, leave of absence and vacation requests, were paper-based and not automated.

Additionally, these handwritten forms were not always accurate or complete, ultimately delaying document approval.

IT recognized the need to create a more structured environment that could be more easily monitored and audited. That environment would also impose more checks and balances in the company’s business processes. An electronic workflow solution would ensure that every employee submitting a form would include all required information, and that all documents were appropriately approved.

Decision Criteria for an Electronic Workflow Solution

IT developed a set of criteria. The product selected needed to:

  • Mirror yet improve on existing business processes – making it easier for users to learn
  • To work the way users currently worked without requiring a significant amount of configuration
  • Locate any form at any point in time
  • Send email alerts and electronic notifications
  • Provide electronic signature technology
  • Ensure that information (for example name and date) was standardized
  • Designate who could see and submit forms

Electronic Workflow Evaluation Process

The team performed an online search for electronic forms and electronic workflow solutions. They decided to review Adobe, SharePoint workflow, InfoPath and BP Logix Process Director BPM software. Over a period of two months the team evaluated the four products, weighing features and functionality, as well as costs. Process Director BPM and workflow software was selected to address the company’s immediate electronic workflow needs as well as being able to scale to meet future requirements.

Solution: Standardized Business Processes through Workflow Automation

Beginning with HR processes then expanding to Finance, Training and Facilities, Multi-Chem is automating its workflows and business processes, becoming more efficient and effective. Company policies are more easily enforced and its business processes uniform and standardized.

There is also no longer a need to FedEx documents between locations and departments. Process Director’s electronic audit trail tracks approvals and authorizations; the status of any document is immediately known and both completed and pending approvals are visible. Employees receive email notifications as new documents are checked in so that they can access and process those documents.


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