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Capabilities and Needs

 “While we are cost conscious, reducing costs is rarely the primary reason for the decisions we make; rather, our goal is to provide a better customer experience while becoming more efficient. 

Benefits of Process Director

 “We believed that the BPM technology would enable us to ignite a digital transformation initiative and mentality…” 

Learn more about how the University of Central Florida is using Process Director to initiate digital transformation efforts that will improve services for their students and stakeholders.

About the University of Central Florida

Founded in 1963, the University of Central Florida (UCF) is a thriving preeminent research university located in metropolitan Orlando. In Fiscal Year 2016 UCF researchers received $145.8 million for research. With more than 64,000 students, UCF is one of the largest universities in the U.S., conferring over 15,000 degrees each year through its 93 bachelor’s, 86 master’s, 27 research doctorates, three professional doctorates, and three specialist degree programs.

The University’s UCF Global unit functions as the primary international hub for students, faculty, and staff. UCF Global is responsible for all students studying abroad (from short term programs to semesters abroad) as well as bringing international students to the campus.

UCF Global is on a quest to provide access to high impact, international experiences across the University and global community, with a commitment to excellence in partnership, innovation, and services.

Business Challenge

UCF Global’s broad mission is to support international faculty, staff, and students across the entire University with an array of processes and services in such areas as immigration compliance, employment authorizations and visas, and international taxation. The Strategic Initiatives and Technology organization supports these activities while seeking to both improve the customer experience and respond to an aggressive enrollment application process.

To accomplish these goals, UCF Global needed a system that could process applications in a timely fashion, while providing a great experience for the students submitting them. With aggressive goals for the year 2020, the IT team recognized that the platform they were then using would not fit the bill. Although cost conscious, their efforts to support these aggressive goals emphasized a better customer experience while becoming more efficient. From a strategic point of view, the University recognized the need for a platform that was flexible, scalable and would enable UCF Global to increase its reach.

Decision Criteria

The UCF Global team developed a set of requirements for potential vendors, which demanded these features:

  • Attractive, web-based, and responsive user interaction;
  • Built-in support for multiple languages, locales, and cultures;
  • Easy integration with a broad array of databases, web services, and applications;
  • Directory synchronization with LDAP, Active Directory, and Windows network security;
  • Full integration with federated authentication services, including Oauth and SAML.
  • Strong encryption of data at rest, and data in-flight;
  • Digital signature of documents;
  • Granular permissions structure, with temporary privilege escalation.


The UCF Global team built and deployed its first application quickly – and began transforming and digitizing other key areas. On average, the team spent less than a month conceiving, creating, as well as deploying each application; their most complex application to date required only four months.

The leadership at UCF Global is pleased with the results. Phase I met expectations. The University now has a platform that can be exploited to add value to the business. According to Exteberria, “We can automate thousands of things but it’s not just about moving from paper to digital – it’s about leveraging Process Director’s capabilities to improve and transform how we conduct business, in keeping with our agenda and the University’s initiatives.”

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