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Capabilities and Needs

“Our initial decision was to recognize the need for BPM – and there was complete alignment with the senior staff and IT. When we spoke with other educational institutions and heard how much they liked Process Director and BP Logix exemplary support, it made our final decision an easy one.”

Benefits of Process Director

“The graphical process design canvas in Process Director is a huge step forward in working with business users to develop process requirements. Everyone can participate in the process of designing the application using the point-and-click web-based interface.”

About Columbus Technical College

One of 28 colleges in the Technical College System of Georgia, Columbus Technical College provides programs ranging from business to healthcare and manufacturing, programs that lead to in-demand jobs and careers. Columbus Technical College (CTC) offers online courses, five degree programs and several diploma and certificate programs.

Business Challenge – Eliminating Manual Campus Routing and Document Approval Processes

Like many colleges and universities, CTC found that significant amounts of information were being moved manually around campus. As a result, it was difficult to determine the disposition of documents, especially those requiring multiple levels of approval and/or needing coordinated work by people in different departments.

The IT department recognized a need to eliminate manual routing and replace it with an automated system to become more efficient and save time. They made a recommendation for a workflow product – and gained the backing of HR, Purchasing and Administrative Services.

Decision Criteria – User-friendly Workflow Applications without Programming

IT wanted a product that did not require programming to support user requirements. They wanted a solution that was easy for the staff to learn and implement. This would enable the staff to have a greater role in designing their applications, and even developing some of their own workflows. Other criteria included:

  • A common interface for all college electronic forms
  • Easy delegation and administration of workflows
  • Web-based and mobile friendly
  • Extensible to other applications
  • A track record with colleges and universities
  • References that speak to outstanding customer support

Evaluation Process

With the selection criteria in place, the IT team began its evaluation process, narrowing the initial list of 22 products to a short list of seven. After four months of working with the short-listed products, Process Director was recommended and the purchase was finalized. IT then began a Proof of Concept Process Director to begin developing forms, workflows and to train users.


As a result of implementing Process Director, Columbus Technical College is moving forward. The flow of business on campus is now streamlined – and provides enormous benefits in terms of information access, efficiency and cost savings.

As hoped for, faculty and staff are able to handle their processes more efficiently and effectively, as well as access the information they need while freeing IT to work on projects that require more technical proficiency.


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