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Capabilities and Needs For a Capex Process Solution

“We review spend data from across the world and sit down with local teams to listen to their issues and concerns. We collaboratively identify where we can deliver savings, agree to aligned targets and work towards the goal.”

Benefits of Process Director

“Not having to deliver a 14-page change notice signed-off by three people before making an amendment to the system has significantly improved the company’s efficiency.”

“Process Director workflow software has brought structure to our CapEx approval process and enabled the central team to work more collaboratively with Category Managers and local specialists,”

“The system is easy to both use and maintain — and the application works well. Ease of operation and authorization were our goals – and those goals have been met.”

Services for the Rentokil Initial implementation have been carried out by ePC.

About Rentokil

Rentokil Initial plc is a global support services company operating in Europe, the Americas, Africa, Asia Pacific and the UK. The company, with offices in 63 countries, provides services that protect people and enhance their lives. From pest-borne diseases to the risks of poor hygiene or injury in the workplace, Rentokil Initial employs 29,000 people to address and service more than one million customers. These include some of the largest multinational pharmaceutical, industrial and food production companies, as well as local shops, restaurants and homes.

Business Challenge – Centralizing the CapEx Approval Process

Seeking to centralize its CapEx approval process (Capital Expenditure) across European operations, Rentokil Initial identified a need for a solution that would overlay process control within and across its organization.

Predominantly manual, and with four levels of approvals, the existing CapEx process involved sending paper documents from country to country. Delays in routing led to delays in approvals, followed by a rush to procure products. Additionally, real-time data was needed to identify potential savings and to apply them across countries and business units.

Decision Criteria

A research team of seven staff members including users from IT and Finance was tasked to evaluate a CapEx process solution. Among the criteria was a BPM tool that would incorporate workflow, business logic and reporting.

Evaluation Process

The team worked with Cognizant, a systems integrator, and conducted both a Gartner Magic Quadrant and market review. Based on those results, Rentokil Initial entered into a Proof of Concept (POC) with BP Logix Process Director. The prototype of the CapEx process worked as expected and the Divisional CFO signed off on the selection of Process Director.

Solution – Increased Visibility Plus Cost Savings

Over the course of four months, the Supply Chain Finance team rolled out the CapEx process country by country across Europe. The system, including 700 imported legacy projects, introduced much-needed discipline into Rentokil’s CapEx approval process and strengthened its internal controls.

The implementation continues to demonstrate results. Rentokil has reduced its administrative costs, expedited its process, and improved visibility into cost saving programs for key stakeholders across various countries.

Recognizing the success of the CapEx approval process, Rentokil’s Procurement team has standardized its processes with Process Director.


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