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 Benefits of Process Director BPM Software

“As soon as we began to deploy Process Director BPM software I knew that this was how we were going to be doing business going forward. I could see Process Director permeating the organization, streamlining it and providing a better experience for customers and employees across the company.”

“Unless an organization prefers to live in a world where one product (attempts) to do it all, the best-of-breed approach with a BPM tool like Process Director will be invaluable to any organization.”

Bringing Automated Workflow & Document Management to the Benefits Enrollment Process

Healthcare today is a world of spiraling costs, chief most among them labor, and declining reimbursement rates. To provide quality, comprehensive, medical care to residents in a compassionate “family” care setting, the Whittier Health Network offers acute rehabilitation hospitals, sub-acute rehabilitation and long-term care facilities, management services, an institutional pharmacy, and an adult Psychiatric Hospital. The company also manages nine nursing homes in Massachusetts and New York, providing home health care to patients in Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire.

Employing 2,500 people across 12 locations became a challenge every fall when the benefits enrollment process was initiated. As it had to be completed for all employees within a three week timeframe, the sheer volume of documents that had to be processed made the process onerous. Seeking a solution that would take the pain out of the benefit enrollment process and achieve efficiencies was the IT department’s primary objective. Any solution Whittier acquired had to include workflows, electronic forms, an automated review and approval process and be competitively priced.

Like all forward-looking organizations, being more efficient and effective is important to Whittier Health. The initial business problems the company addressed with Process Director BPM and workflow management software have already demonstrated both time and cost savings. Integration with Active Directory, single sign-on, tying in to its SQL server and document management software plus the ability to run reports against multiple databases have been successes for IT.

An unplanned benefit of implementing Process Director, one that has pleased senior management, has been eliminating 20% yearly maintenance on products that Whittier Health refers to as ‘uni-taskers,’ including the online application and referral tracking processes.

Beyond the 20% Whittier is no longer paying for maintenance on one-task products, the company is freeing employees to do less mundane tasks and providing better service to its customers.


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