Abbott Canada’s Management Information Systems group

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Capabilities and Needs

“We searched the web, looked at vendors and quickly weeded out the big companies. We knew who they were and how they priced their products. We wanted to focus on mid tier players who could provide products that were competitively priced, easy to learn and had outstanding support.”

Benefits of Process Director

“Process Director automatically initiates review and approval cycles, instantaneously tracking and auditing all tasks involved in those processes.”

Discover how Abbott Improved Workflow, Document and eForm Routing

Faced with the need to improve their division’s efficiency, Abbott’s MIS team looked for a solution to five major issues. The first dealt with the time it took to process an approval to hire, as well as Purchase Order (PO) approvals for equipment and supplies. The second issue involved tracking the status of documents in the review and approval process. The need to convert manual forms to electronic forms and manual routing to electronic routing were concerns number four and five. Lastly IT needed to know how many POs were outstanding. Abbott’s IT team conducted a thorough evaluation leading to a Proof of Concept with BP Logix Process Director. The team used the Smart Forms component to create an electronic version of a document. Due to a Microsoft Word plug-in Abbott did not have to train users to create Smart Forms – and electronic signatures made the routing of documents faster and more effective.

Integrating Workflow & Smart Form Solutions with HR, Finance, Purchasing & More

The success of the POC led to excitement about the new technology that had exceeded expectations. As a result of the success of its first process in HR, other groups within Abbott began asking to automate workflows and forms that existed for their projects Abbott received requests from Finance, Marketing, Purchasing, Credit and Customer Service to assist in their automation efforts.

Let us know if Process Director can help you address processes in HR, Finance, Purchasing – and more.


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