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Invoice Approval Workflow Software Solutions by BP Logix

Liquid Controls Leverages Investments Better with Process Director

“The fact that Process Director offers familiar screens, simple integration within the IT infrastructure (email systems, portal, file systems, scanners) and is web-based speaks volumes. It is enabling us to drive from the results side backwards and to better leverage our investments. And that says a lot.”
Bruce Lawrence
Group Network Manager at Liquid Controls

Process Director invoice approval workflow software solutions allows businesses to streamline the approval process when invoice processing begins. This can be triggered by the scanning of paper-based forms, completion of online information, or even manually triggered when certain conditions are met. Invoices are easy to find as keywords, metadata, and indexing creates multiple search criteria, removing the problem of losing the document.


Organizations choose Process Director invoice approval workflow software to:

  • Reduce errors
  • Avoid delays
  • Track invoices
  • Consolidate multiple formats of invoices
  • Reduce costs associated with paper forms
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Easy integration with current accounting software, as well as other systems and software, reduces the learning curve and the need for expensive, time-consuming coding. Reporting of all approval activities creates a complete audit trail for business process governance both internally and externally. And finally, approvals can be made on any device, making mobile workforce approvals and submissions faster and easier than ever.

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The Solution


Liquid Controls is now using Process Director for applications ranging from attendance applications and Engineering Change Control to shop floor work constructions.


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