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Contract Management Software Solutions by BP Logix

Multiplan Achieves Streamlined Contract Management

“Process Director has significantly increased our turnaround time for obtaining approvals and delivering orders to our vendors. It has also enabled us to have a single repository for tracking of disposed, sold or transferred assets. The underlying automated workflow allows us to engage our internal operations faster and capture relevant information that can be viewed by all in the approval workflow. We were very pleased with the efficiencies achieved from the very beginning of the Process Director deployment.”
Kyle Hutchinson
Vice President Information Technology at MultiPlan

Process Director BPM software includes contract management software that trigger alerts, such as a message within the software, or to the approving party’s e-mail or mobile device. This type of trigger can create a check point that expedites it for human interaction.


Time is a critical component of any business process. Late activities—or activities that Process Timeline predicts will be late—are highlighted and easily identified. Time to completion for any activity or for the business process as a whole is also immediately available with this workflow engine. Traditional flowchart-style workflows simply cannot offer this level of insight into your business processes—insights that translate into business success:
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It creates a consistent pattern of trackable tasks and eliminates the need for human memory, by creating timelines and processes that automatically trigger alerts for needed tasks, and creates accountability to procedures, improving efficiency.

Other advantages of Process Director contract management software solutions include:

  • Workflow automation with consistent adherence to workflow processes

  • Simplifies the manual approval process by automating repetitious, laborious or otherwise cumbersome activities into efficient ones

  • Stores electronic forms for easy retrieval and eliminates lost paperwork, ideal for audits and BPM compliance purposes

  • Alerts to prevent missed deadlines and even alerts to notify of potential down time

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The Solution


Within the first month, MultiPlan realized how much more Process Director could do than initially anticipated and decided to expand its usage to include automated PO generation – as well as creating separate workflows for its Software Project Authorization process. While Finance expected to deal with large capital expenditures, IT found it could use Process Director for every expense (capital and operating expense) process. Additionally, IT discovered the team could build whatever it needed from the ground up in Process Director.


Companies who see the benefit of reducing paperwork with Process Director are reaping multiple benefits including:

  • Reduction in costs associated with printing, such as ink, paper, and copier maintenance.
  • Reduction in shipping/delivery expenses. Fewer documents means a decrease in postage costs and no delivery fees. The customer has their invoice, quote, or purchase order in their e-mail with their e-signature included.
  • Fewer errors and redundancies as well as less filing and mail/document processing.
  • Faster document processing, including approval processes to close orders and get paid faster.
  • Sales cycles can be shortened through business process automation and electronic signature capture.
  • Approval-based workflows are simplified with no guessing or accidentally allowing something to slip through the cracks. Process Director contract management software solutions allow you to set up alerts when signatures don’t happen in the expected timeline.
  • Enhanced security and back up. Process Director contract management software solutions allow data to be securely housed online, protecting it from fire, flood, or theft. Back-ups of documentation and the e-signature are maintained for records and audits.


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