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“Most of the forms we use require multiple signatures – so the ability to authenticate users and provide electronic signatures was a critical aspect of our decision. Equally important was the ability to delegate approval, encrypt data and send email notifications to approvers.”

– Cynthia Jones, Supervisor of Data Analytics and Software Integration

MLGW’s Decision Criteria:

The IT team identified the features needed to facilitate a company-wide initiative to become “greener.” The new product needed to:

  • Integrate seamlessly within MLGW’s existing environment
  • Support both internal and external users
  • Provide electronic routing and approval at multiple levels
  • Use LDAP authentication
  • Facilitate electronic signatures
  • Be web-based with no client install
  • Allow electronic templates to be easily converted
  • Send out notifications via GroupWise
  • Provide a publication process
  • Reside on MLGW’s hardware and be competitively priced

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Within 90 days of training, the IT team rolled out a number of forms and workflows simultaneously.

The new workflows are addressing flaws in current processes, allowing users to quickly address and fix them.

Routing, review and approval times have significantly decreased as users can approve electronic documents on their mobile devices.

There is greater alignment between IT and business users.

Being a municipal utility, MLGW must consistently comply with federal regulations. Now that its forms are automated, documents are more easily accessed and audits are faster and smoother.

Read how MLGW Utilized Process Director to Meet Their Criteria:

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Just like MLGW, Process Director can enable your organization in achieving operational excellence.

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