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Customers in Advertising Industry

Learn how BP Logix’s customers in the advertising industry have used Process Director BPM software to help improve efficiency

“Process Director was the strongest product to meet both short and long term needs. It would also save the Agency about 35 support hours a week (or one full time employee) in addition to eliminating the backlog.”
Steve Hudgin
Director of Agency Technology Solutions Group Leo Burnett’s Decision Criteria
  • Be flexible

  • Easy to use

  • Include dynamic workflows and detailed reporting

  • Provide administrators with sufficient control

  • Be compatible with the current environment (SQL server/Windows)

  • Be extensible and scalable

  • Ensure that hundreds of concurrent users could be supported


Time is a critical component of any business process. Late activities—or activities that Process Timeline predicts will be late—are highlighted and easily identified. Time to completion for any activity or for the business process as a whole is also immediately available with this workflow engine. Traditional flowchart-style workflows simply cannot offer this level of insight into your business processes—insights that translate into business success:
  • MS Project-like builder: list tasks, dependencies
  • Process Timeline automatically generates and updates a Gantt-style chart to show you, at a glance, how (and for how long) the process will run


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The Solution


Soon after Leo Burnett decided to license Process Director they identified a ‘short list’ of 12-15 projects. The Automated Estimating System (AES) was the first one that needed to be addressed and completed as the Agency needed a uniform way to route, manage, review and approve all client estimates.

Automating the estimating process drives efficiency, while allowing the agency to maintain strict internal controls and ensure that approvals are received in the correct sequence and from the appropriate parties. “We now do a lot of ‘Where is that document?’ look ups and reports. Managers can review and examine the work being done, study what is in whose queue and analyze the levels of work to make sure the load is balanced,” Hudgin stated. In addition, he reports, “We have made it known that if people are not following the process, their managers will be following up. And they have.”


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Process Director sets the pace for your digital transformation and advertising agency workflow goals. Request a free demonstration of Process Director and discover for yourself how this unique BPM platform empowers you to innovate, respond to market demands, and delight your customers. Or, contact us to learn more about how our business process management software has helped our customers conquer their digital challenges.


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