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As the pharmaceutical arm of Fortune 50 company Johnson & Johnson, Janssen Pharmaceuticals conducts medical research and develops cutting-edge pharmaceutical products that build a "future where disease is a thing of the past."


Automated complex and unique SOPs for pharma publication planning.

Resolved high-stakes compliance issues in the pharma publication process. 

Reduced publication submission time from hours to minutes. 

Implemented a solution that cost 50% less than off-the-shelf predecessor. 

The new system has solved 99% of our compliance issues.

With the prior system, a very high percentage of records had some sort of compliance issue resulting in us having to contract help to chase people to try to close gaps over thousands of records. That effort has been essentially eliminated.

Deirdre Bookman Janssen Pharmaceuticals

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Janssen Reduces Compliance Risks in Pharma Publication Planning

Aug 25, 2021 11:03:22 AM

Janssen Pharmaceuticals used BP Logix’s low-code Process Director platform to build more user-friendly and compliant workflows for their pharmaceutical publication planning process. 

The challenge 

For a major pharmaceutical company like Janssen, the publication planning process plays a major role in developing pharmaceuticals that improve and save people’s lives. 

Unfortunately, the off-the-shelf publication planning and management software the company was using to process these publication reviews was causing major headaches. 

Despite the software’s high cost, its features and abilities consistently fell short of what Janssen needed – especially when it came to meeting compliance requirements. Debarment checks and authorship agreements were often missing due to the manual nature of their processes, increasing compliance risk. In addition, record extraction was onerous, and integrations were expensive. To compensate for these shortcomings, the company was forced to hire agencies to do compliance track-downs, which dramatically increased the total cost of ownership. 

When they discovered that the software was putting them at risk of failing audits, they knew it was time for a change. 

The solution 

Initially, the company explored building a new publication planning solution from scratch. Ultimately, the custom build turned out to be too expensive and time consuming to realistically scale. They then evaluated other off-the-shelf software solutions, but none could meet the complexity of their specific processes. Rather than fitting their standard operating procedures (SOPs) to a cookie-cutter solution, they decided to try a different approach. Since the processes need to constantly adapt to changing regulatory and business requirements, using a low-code platform would provide the team with the flexibility and agility they needed.  

They ultimately chose BP Logix’s low-code platform, Process Director, for its robust compliance capabilities and ability to automate complex SOPs. Process Director not only met Janssen’s stringent compliance requirements, but it could also easily integrate with other enterprise applications, allowing for more streamlined processes across the publication planning lifecycle. The platform’s patented “Process Timeline” feature allows management to gain insights from process metrics, identify bottlenecks, and determine how long each step in the publication process takes. 

In comparison to rigid off-the-shelf applications and slow, resource-intensive custom build option, BP Logix’s low-code automation platform was the superior option. 

The results 

BP Logix tailored their solution to the company’s unique publications review process and SOPs, which eliminated the need for the Janssen team to manually build workflows for every new project and allowed publication submitters and reviewers to move faster. 

The pre-built workflow components, like Debarment Checks and Intelligent Review, combined with the always-on audit tracking, eliminated the need for manual compliance reviews and greatly reduced risk. 

"The new system has solved 99% of our compliance issues,” said Deirdre Bookman, Janssen Pharmaceuticals’ Director of Global Commercial Strategy Operations. “With the prior system, a very high percentage of records had some sort of compliance issue resulting in us having to contract help to chase people to try to close gaps over thousands of records. That effort has been essentially eliminated." 

In addition to the compliance benefits, the time it took for submitting a publication for review was cut from several hours to minutes, which increased speed to market, critical in this highly competitive marketplace. 

To top it all off, the total cost of the new solution was 50% lower than its predecessor.


The choice to transition to a BP Logix solution was a resounding win that continues to provide this Pharma giant with a competitive advantage. Learn more about our PubPro publication planning software.

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