Process Director v5

Predictive Automation for your Digital Business Applications

Process Director v5 offers more tools than ever as you create digital applications spanning functional and operational boundaries, offering the appropriate balance of transparency and governance at every step. BP Logix customers deploy these applications—created without programmers—to connect every part of their business, from their customers, to sales, to the middle- and back office, and even to suppliers, partners, and other stakeholders.

Process Director v5 provides authoring, automation, and collaboration capabilities that eschew traditional hand-coding approaches in favor of a simpler, yet more powerful, approach. The platform integrates and orchestrates external resources, such as web services, external applications, or bots—not only to perform tasks and layer-in appropriate governance, but also to participate in the analytical feedback loop that informs your application’s future behavior. Process Director v5’s native machine learning capabilities represent the most approachable solution available for aggregating and transforming application data, cross-application metadata, and external information into actionable predictive analysis.

As a result, whether individual tasks are performed by bots or humans, by the application server or a service lying deep within the Cloud, BP Logix offers an innovative solution for composing, deploying, and orchestrating personal or automated actions across the enterprise—and the experience and expertise to do so efficiently and effectively.

Collaboration is the Goal; Simplicity is the Key

Process Director has always offered you more than simply applications that move a document from one desk to the next. Process Director applications are driven by the same events and deadlines that keep your business humming—from customer calls, to shipment delays, to ever-updating predictions derived from streams of Internet-of-Things (IOT) data.  Fortunately, Process Director v5 cuts through the complexity of competing distractions and fast-changing situations by offering collaborative tools enabling customers, reviewers, managers, and other process actors to remain engaged with one another for as long as they need in order to complete their respective goals.

About BP Logix

BP Logix is a BPM company that offers Process Director, an innovative and powerful business process management engine combining the power of BPM software with the flexibility and leverage of rapid application development—with no programming. Workflow software and web forms are just the beginning of digital app development. Process Director combines the easiest and most efficient business process management software in the industry with a rich set of BPM tools offering snap-in data integration, rapid prototyping and release, and comprehensive reporting and analytics. Check out these BPM case studies to see how customers in every sector are successfully using Process Director to prepare and deliver transparent, end-to-end digital applications offering engaging customer experience, robust business process governance, regulatory compliance, and smooth, efficient operations.