Business Process Management Software: Accelerate Your Business with Mobile, Cloud & Social

Business process management software and workflow software that allows your organization to:

  • Engage the customer by making it easy for her to communicate her problems and expectations, and for you to acknowledge them
  • Embrace the customer by enabling him to participate directly in business processes you have designed for them
  • Extend the cloud into your work environment by integrating popular cloud services within your workflows

Business and Process. The Winning Combination.

You understand your business. We understand process. (Our customers will tell you we also understand business.)
View the BPM videos below to see how people delivering innovative business process management software solutions that impact the way they do business.

From the onset, BP Logix’s goal is to deliver a business process management software solution to help organizations conduct business more intelligently and efficiently but in a manner that provides as little disruption as possible for our customers. Our story is more meaningful when we understand yours and our legacy is a result of knowing who we work for.

BP Logix Process Director is an award-winning BPM software solution of choice for organizations faced with workflow software and business process management challenges. Enterprises, mid-sized companies, government and non-profits rely on Process Director to automate and improve their critical business processes.

Recent shifts in thinking about BPM recognize that much of the knowledge about processes resides with the people who actually perform the processes. Many of these processes, however, can’t be defined in advance since they’re unique for each instance. Workers need to be able to specify and select from a checklist of possible tasks at runtime, rather than follow a pre-defined flow each time. And there are examples of this in departments ranging from HR to IT, Purchasing to Accounting. Even Jim Sinur of Gartner recently stated that BPM is shifting from “Doing by Design” to “Design by Doing.”

In this presentation, E. Scott Menter, Chief Strategy Officer for BP Logix, discusses the ways BPM principals are cornerstones to next-gen agile apps. See how to build 3D business apps with Flow, Case, and Time.

Process Director Features

Watch the BPM videos below to get a deeper understanding on some of the unique features that Process Director BPM platform has to offer.

Process Director BPM Platform offers Process Timeline; the first business process modeling and orchestration workflow engine to offer predictive analysis tied to automatic behaviors such as notification, reassignment and rerouting.

BPM meets AI (artificial intelligence) with Process Director business process management software. This intuitive, award-winning BPM solution now features AI enhanced capabilities designed for the non-data scientist. It extends the predictive capabilities of Process Timeline, allows subject matter experts to adjust input features, transforms static business rules into intelligent predictive rules and anticipates event patterns and issues to allow for more proactive decision making.

Process Director BPM software provides case management solutions with it’s Milestones feature. The goal of actionable communication within adaptive case management has now been achieved.

Choosing the right BPM software is only part of the journey. Organizations must also consider the customer service behind the software. Experience the BP Logix difference today!

Process Director’s BPM application integration capabilities remain one of the most integral features for today’s business environment.

Process Director is a low code BPM software platform that offers an intuitive graphical user interface that empowers hundreds of organizations worldwide with its suite of unique features. Easily build, deploy and manage custom applications with Process Director’s rapid application development software capabilities.

Process Director BPM Solutions By Industy

Watch the BPM videos below to get a deeper understanding on how Process Director BPM platform can be used across various industries.

BPM for Government and Public Sector

Hotel Software – Hospitality Workflow and BPM Software

Healthcare Workflow Software – Healthcare BPM Solutions

IT and BPM: Transforming The IT Business Relationship

Process Pat

Process Pat knows what is required to build a better business with workflow software and business process management software. The BPM videos below explains his journey going through the ups and downs of helping to create a more effective foundation for your business.

Looking to grow your business and not just maintain it? As you learn about business process management software and workflow software and understanding solutions that can help me, I hope that can be helpful to you as well. More on BPM Basics

Improving how my business operates is my business and I suspect it’s yours too. I’d like to see the business process management software and workflow software solutions that exist. I’m planning on making some changes for the better. I know it will take an investment, time and training and there can be some cultural changes too. I hope that can be help to you as well. More on BPM Basics

Business process improvement is my business. I want my team and my company to implement smart processes and logical workflows so we can avoid problems. I like to see the business process management software and workflow software solutions that exist. More on BPM Basics

While it’s easy to keep doing things the way we always done them, I’m not ok with the status quo. I want to grow our business, not just maintain it. More on BPM Basics

BP Logix Customer Experiences

View the BPM videos below to hear customer testimonials on how Process Director BPM software and workflow software has helped improved their process efficiency.

In this BPM video, Lisa Campbell, IT Contracts Manager, explains why MultiPlan chose Process Director from BP Logix to automate their CapEx and MER processes, and why they’ve come to trust BP Logix to automate their business processes.

In this BPM video, Bill Kahert, a Solutions Director at a large Global IT consultant firm explains how Process Director helped with their complex hiring processes which involves posting job openings, sourcing candidates and following candidates through their recruiting process.

In this BPM video, Bill Hayes, Agency Solutions Architect at Leo Burnett, explains how Process Director business process management software and workflow software initially helped them automate their approvals on estimates and explains how the use of Process Director has grown beyond that.

In this BPM video, Tony King, Systems Engineer at Whittier Health Network, explains how Process Director workflow software helped automate their benefit enrollment process.

In this BPM video, Jesus Mena, supervisor at the University of Texas at El Paso, shares the experience and wisdom he gained in the course of deploying Process Director. Mr. Mena introduced Process Director, the award-winning BPM solution from BP Logix, to address the University’s business process and document management challenges. Among his observations: “I’m not a programmer…[but] I’ve been able to make forms and workflows …within hours, instead of having to have a programming team develop them over months.”

In this BPM video, Chuck Pederson, CIO at Keystone Industries, explains how Process Director helped them automate their new product launch process when they found that a workflow solution couldn’t be accommodated by their ERP system and that a plug and play solution couldn’t be bought off the shelf.

In this BPM video, Gary Iannece, Quality Control Manager at Keystone Research, explains how Process Director BPM software and workflow software was used to manage the new product development process.

In this BPM video, Sanjay Palnitkar, IT Manager at NEC Labs, explains how they needed a BPM software solution to help them manage  and automate their proprietary information documents.

Improving Business Outcomes