The Journey to BPM and Workflow, Part 1: Process Pat Begins the Search for a Better Solution

In Part 1 of this series, IT Director Pat initiates his enterprise BPM and workflow project and seeks approval from internal stakeholders.

Transforming Your Business to Achieve Operational Excellence

This white paper looks at how smart businesses use BPM to transform how they address their business challenges and optimize their outcomes. First Impression: Process Director 4.0

In this business process management PDF see what BPM thought-leader, Nathaniel Palmer, has to say about Process Director 4.0


Democratizing Technology: Process Director as a Foundation for Business Success

This business process management ebook explains how Process Director can be used as a foundation for flexible, sustainable BPM and workflow for any type of organization.

Attracting New Business to the City of West Allis Through BPM Technology

In this business process management PDF you will learn how BP Logix is transforming the way that the City of West Allis, Wisconsin streamlines its business application and permitting processes, enabling the City to be more responsive to both the civic and commercial needs of its residents.

BPM and Workflow in Action

This business process management eBook explains how BPM and workflow help organizations operate more efficiently. It includes examples of customers who are successfully using BPM and workflow.

Driving Business Applications with Real-Time Data

This business process management PDF examines how Process Director can help you rapidly build and deploy robust, highly customized applications in a fraction of the time of traditional development efforts.

The Benefits of BPM and Workflow

This business process management eBook provides an overview of business process management (BPM) and workflow, and explains how successful companies are applying them to improve business efficiency.

Engagement Workflow for Today’s Enterprise

This business process management PDF discusses the importance of reaching customers through social media, mobile and the cloud —and conveys how organizations can benefit from the alignment of operational, technology and customer-focused goals.

Improving Process Intelligence With Predictive Analytics

This business process management PDF, written by industry analyst Sandy Kemsley, addresses the mandate for more intelligent processes emerging within business process management. It also considers the importance of Time and predictive analytics as tools for achieving the goals of BPM.

Business Process Management: A Compliance Perspective

In the wake of corporate scandals, market volatility, and economic decline there is a new focus on governance and accountability. Businesses are under increasing scrutiny, challenged to follow government regulations and their own internal policies — and to provide documentation of their compliance on demand.

Choosing the Right BPM Solution

In this business process management PDF, co-authored by Colin Spence (SharePoint Unleashed), David A. Kelly and Heather Ashton (Upside Research) the authors provide organizations with a functional distinction between workflows and processes, and information on the best practices for determining the right type of solution for a specific business challenge.

Adding the Time Dimension to BPM

Time is a critical element of the planning, oversight, and improvement of business processes. However BPM solutions have traditionally focused on other aspects of the BPM challenge, such as quality and governance.

Back to Basics with BPM: Using Nimble BPM

This Upside Research business process management PDF  highlights the need for nimble BPM and suggests that what is needed is an approach that takes BPM back to the basics and helps organizations achieve the promise of BPM: increased business agility and increased efficiency.

Automating Processes: Plucking the Low-Hanging

In this business process management PDF, Jay O’Brien, CEO of BP Logix, proposes that by focusing on manual processes that can be automated quickly and providing near-immediate process efficiencies and ROI, an organization can quickly become more agile relative to its competitors.

Electronic Forms Processing

Organizations and the groups within them depend on the efficient movement of information to run their businesses effectively. To optimize the processing of information in an enterprise, organizations need the tools to efficiently automate their existing processes and react quickly to changes in the environment.

Workflow Management Software

Workflow has been defined as the automation of a business process in which documents, information or tasks are passed from one participant(s) to another for action, according to a set of procedural rules.

The Document Review Process

A document encompasses many forms – technical documentation, product data sheets, press releases, product brochures, legal and medical documents, architectural drawings, white papers, and web content. The document review cycle, for both electronic and print documents, consists of several stages and its process is defined by a workflow.