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BP Logix Keeps Projects and Processes on Time and Within Budget. BPM Suite Vendor Uses Project Timelines to Drive Process Improvement

Certain mission-critical business processes need to run as repeatable complex project management-oriented processes that cut across different departments and functions. Unfortunately when companies attempt to tackle these project management-oriented business processes, they tend to go overboard, adopting overly complex methodologies and business process management (BPM) suites that require significant skills development. Alternatively they’re left using project portfolio management tools that deliver limited automation and integration capabilities. Like the story of Goldilocks and the three bears, up-and-coming BPM suite vendor BP Logix delivers just the right balance of sophisticated BPM suite functionality and project-oriented process management to help teams quickly model, automate, and improve processes that blur the lines between BPM and enterprise project management.

This complimentary independent report by Forrester Research, Inc. will describe how to:

  • Crack the code for combining project management with business processes
  • Provide greater visibility into complex, long-lived operational projects that are repeated on a regular basis
  • Address the tasks, dependencies, milestones and resources that comprise most processes
  • Model business processes using a familiar paradigm (a Gantt chart) without the need to code
  • Automate and manage complex projects without a lengthy ramp up
  • Deliver the core benefits of BPM without additional overhead
  • Predict project slippage on in-flight processes and head off potential blow up