Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) Impact Brief

This BPM industry report from Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) shines a light on one of the true innovators in business process automation and IT process automation, BP Logix. EMA examined a real-world urban transformation initiative enabled by BP Logix’s Process Director. Process Director’s versatility in empowering significant municipal process improvements, as well as in revitalizing IT, is compellingly established in the Q&A that follows in this BPM industry report.

BPM.com First Impression: Process Director 4.0

In this BPM industry report, Nathaniel Palmer, analyst and BPM thought-leader, takes a closer look at Process Director 4.0 and what continues to set it apart from other BPM and case management vendors.

MWD Advisors

Process Director is an integrated BPM technology platform combining design tools and a runtime platform that delivers workflow, rules, form and task management, content management, reporting and dashboarding functionality. If you are looking for a platform that will help you build support systems for business processes that need to be able to be reshaped and re-prioritized to maximize service delivery you should definitely consider BP Logix and Process Director.

Info-Tech Research Group

Info-Tech evaluated 10 competitors in the BPM industry and acknowledged BP Logix with its Trend Setter Award stating: BP Logix, with its predictive modelling and timeline patents, has created a solution that truly reacts to your business needs, automating almost every facet of Business Process Management.

Bloor Research

If you are looking at managing your business process, then Process Director is certainly a product that should be on your shortlist. I was impressed with its ease of use as well as its support for time-based processes. The latest version with its ability to integrate social media activities into a business process is another great feature.

Improving Process Intelligence With Predicitive Analytics

This white paper, written by BPM industry analyst Sandy Kemsley, addresses the mandate for more intelligent processes emerging within business process management. It also considers the importance of Time and predictive analytics as tools for achieving the goals of BPM.

Choosing the Right BPM Solution

In this white paper, co-authored by Colin Spence (SharePoint Unleashed), David A. Kelly and Heather Ashton (Upside Research) the authors provide organizations with a functional distinction between workflows and processes, and information on the best practices for determining the right type of solution for a specific business challenge.

Back to Basics with BPM: Using Nimble BPM

This Upside Research white paper highlights the need for nimble BPM and suggests that what is needed is an approach that takes BPM back to the basics and helps organizations achieve the promise of BPM: increased business agility and increased efficiency.