Process Director’s BPM capabilities continue to evolve over time as BPM technology advances and as organizations needs change making it an award winning business process management software that offers faster-time-to-value, greater flexibility and deeper insight into your business processes that any other BPM software.

According to, “by simultaneously supporting both timeline and critical-path awareness, Process Director is able to blend business process management with project management with a flexible process architecture that supports both procedural automation and in-flight adaptation”.

Notable BPM Capabilities

Below are some of the out-of-the box BPM capabilities offered by Process Director BPM platform:

Low code development modeling favoring configuring over compiling, along with the ability to combine both traditional sequence and control flow with time-based dependencies within the definition of workflows.

Cloud and on-premise deployment options using the same codebase.

Integration and leverage of Microsoft infrastructure and environments including SharePoint, as well as persona-based workspaces and rich UI creation using a browser-based form designer.

User-centric alerts and notifications that enable actionable, closed-loop communication with process participants about status and events, including predicted impact on pending deadlines and dependencies.

Rich graphical reporting and report-writing capabilities allowing for building executive dashboards and defining KPIs.

Integration with social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and similar platforms, enabling direct-to-customer process interaction, as well as event-listeners for launching processes in response to social network events.

Includes a business rule driven data virtualization layer and lightweight ETL capability with a function called “Business Values.” These provide a straightforward method to create reusable access points for business data, but also allows for the definition of access controls.

Goal-driven actions that can be defined at either global, system-wide levels or down to the activity, which drive priority, state and context, and/or trigger activities and responses. They can launch specific actions, change the behavior of in-flight processes, or be linked with event listeners that serve as the “nerve endings” of the case to receive and respond to external events

Process Director Updates

Click the tiles below to get more details on how Process Director’s BPM capabilities have evolved with each BPM software update.

2018: v5.0

Enhanced AI & Machine Learning capabilities, IoT integration

2017: v4.5

Data Virtualization Analyzer, Modernized UI, Application Event Journaling

2015: v4.0

Configurable Goals, Data Virtualization, Advanced Dashboards, Case Management

2014: v3.0

Enhanced Mobile & Cloud Capabilities, Social Network Integration

2012: v2.5

Process Intelligence, Advanced Reporting, Records Management

2010: v2.0

Process Timeline, Predictive BPM Capabilities

Deployment Options

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