Timeline Software: Process Timeline For Enterprise Businesses

Process Timeline Software | BP Logix

Conventional BPM software has focused on higher efficiency through better process management and filling the need for appropriate controls. These are critical, and yet they fail when the component of time is added. Therefore, BP Logix created Process Timeline, a proprietary business process automation and timeline software, to bring this important factor into the BPM model.

The component of time offers businesses additional control by allowing integrating predictive elements, allowing for human intervention if a task isn’t expected to complete on time. This ‘early notification’ is only available when time is a factor. Typical workflow processes may include an approval step, but fail to communicate when the task or full process will complete. The Process Timeline software changes that.

Flowchart And Linear Process Failures

Of course, it is important to know that tasks are getting completed and goals will be met as a result, but it is also important to know what is currently happening in real time. For example, in an approval process we know that Dick, Jane and Joe need to approve of a project, in consecutive order, but we don’t have a way to track the lag time or completion time to see when that approved item can go into the next process. By creating automation steps into the process, we can see real time and predictive outcomes.

Timeline Software Solution

A typical flowchart lays out “what happens next”, but Process Timeline software asks, “what must be completed before this step can begin, and how long will it take?” These questions take the two goals of BPM, process efficiency improvement and governance, to a new level by incorporating the element of a time-focused BPM technology. This simple yet crucial piece yields ever greater results for enterprise businesses looking for the benefits of BPM but need more.

Benefits of BPM With Process Timeline

1. Our award-winning BPM software stores every aspect of your processes for internal or external audits for improved compliance and robust data storage needs.
2. Automate without having to use code for multiple processes. Simple models create fast workflow processes where each activity has a duration estimate to create predictive results.
3. The entire process and its sub-processes can be seen easily in real-time and determined in a glance for proactive responses and early intervention on potential delays.
4. Process Director’s predictive nature triggers actions in response to changing circumstances to overcome obstacles before production halts or missed deadlines for improved management.
5. Traditional as well as intelligent BPM processes work side by side to create more agility while meeting a variety of business process management needs, all without the need for extensive IT resources, coding, or training.

Process Timeline is a solution designed to capture all the best of traditional BPM benefits with the added intelligence of time progression. This system maximizes both repetitive processes and unique, unpredictable processes with human decision making into one. Want to learn more?

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