Our most successful customers break workflows up into small, bite-sized chunks. They introduce new, improved workflow by geographic area, or small test markets. And, they champion the first, new workflow design as a “proof of concept.” These “champions” are business stakeholders. They contact BPLogix for BPM software demos more often than IT departments. Business stakeholders need IT assistance at times, but you don’t necessarily have to drive the workflow software rollout from IT. This is because it’s the front line users who are shuffling paperwork from desktop to desktop; not IT. I heard an example of a six week approval!

Maybe your workflow vanishes altogether! One client told us, “Forms are started, but then disappear!” That’s a hint your workflow needs a redesign…we’re here to help you out. We’ve even been there. At one time, I could only get approval workflow completed by placing a stapled printout package with a yellow highlighter over an individuals’ name on their desk!

As a front-line, business stakeholder, become involved in change to influence in your future workflow design. You will develop a sense of ownership and become an ambassador of change – we have the proof!

-Roni Sue Player

Written by BP Logix

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