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BPM Vendors 2019: Choosing The Right One

By BP Logix on Jan 2, 2019 11:36:43 AM

Deciding on a BPM and Workflow Vendor

After many rounds of internal reviews, building requirements and validating various BPM vendors and their BPM software and workflow software solutions, I have chosen a BPM vendor to implement BPM software and workflow software across our company. This is important because I have made the case for why it is so badly needed. And in the course of doing that, I have many important people watching the project to ensure it delivers results and value. bg-home-hipster-300x189

The review and validation process for any new product is always challenging. You are given a lot of attention from potential BPM vendors, but more often than not, they just want to tell you about their product (and are not very good listeners.) Sure, it is fun to be courted, but the attention wanes quickly when you realize that some of the BPM vendors aren't being honest with you, or you discover, after a big investment of time, that their product simply cannot deliver what you need.

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The Project: Step 4: Process Pat Begins the Vendor Search

By BP Logix on Jul 20, 2016 12:26:09 PM

The exciting news is that I’ve been given approval to implement workflow and business process management across our entire organization and find a vendor to partner with. After a lot of internal evangelizing, I have executive support to make it happen! I have accumulated a lot of great insights from colleagues about the functionality we need, and now have that most critical piece...budget!

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