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Changing the Way We Work, Part 3: Sticking to Our Plan

By BP Logix on Oct 30, 2014 3:03:40 PM

Pat’s workflow implementation is eagerly awaited

These days, I feel like I'm on the trading floor of the NYSE. People all over the company are calling on me to ensure that their needs and requirements will be part of our workflow and process implementation. Word has gotten out —in a BIG way —that changes are coming and the sense I am getting is that no one wants to be left behind. I guess what you could say that I'm a victim of my own success. My evangelizing has clearly been successful— and the result is a lot of people frothing at the mouth to begin work with new workflow software. The only problem is, we haven't even launched this yet.

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Changing the Way We Work, Part 2: Preparing to Move Forward

By BP Logix on Oct 6, 2014 5:10:31 PM

With approval to proceed with his project and approach, Process Pat prepares for the upcoming changes

When we got funding for our business process automation and workflow project, a certain level of anxiety crept into my daily routine. After all, this approach was being seen as an overhaul —not just in technology but also in how we run our business. Now that executives have started to take notice, you might think that my stress level is off the charts. Actually, the opposite is true; now that we know our direction, I'm helping my team get focused, create checklists, and develop an actionable plan. When I see how this is unfolding, it moves the needle from “freaked out” to ‘measured excitement.’

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Changing the Way We Work, Part 1: The Task Before Us

By BP Logix on Oct 1, 2014 3:07:31 PM

As Process Pat and his team prepare to implement BPM and workflow, he gives serious thought to how his team will move their project forward

My company has had five consecutive quarters of incredible growth: profits are up, we're hiring across all departments, and the team feels excitement building. This success is the result of delivering innovative products and executing with smart marketing. Like everyone here, I’d like to see that continue— and I’m in the fortunate spot to be able to have some impact on that. It’s the job of my team to develop business solutions to enable the company to be more efficient — and to support the teams helping us meet and achieve these goals.

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