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Optimize GRC with BPM and Workflow

By BP Logix on Nov 1, 2019 2:12:18 PM

In modern IT environments, compliance and security are highly reliant upon one another, and they share a common goal: responsibility for keeping an organization’s data, users, resources, and intellectual property safe and usable. Some enterprises compartmentalize governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) as a separate function that sits apart from workflows and business processes. This thinking prevents the true integration of GRC principles into all aspects of how IT environments operate, which reduces visibility into a company's security and compliance posture. Innovative enterprises understand that effective compliance and security are tightly coupled, and why it’s critical to use a solution that enables rapid, agile workflow, but does so with GRC embedded into it.

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BPM Compliance Automation Software Solutions

By BP Logix on Dec 14, 2018 12:42:19 PM

Regulatory-Compliance-SolutionsAutomate and improve your workflows and business processes while avoiding BPM and workflow compliance landmines

Process Director BPM and workflow software enhances process efficiency and reliability of virtually any business process and helps establish efficient workflows. Highly regulated processes, such as those in the financial services and pharmacology industries, face specific regulatory compliance and BPM compliance challenges. They are subject to more scrutiny than their lightly regulated counterparts. They must track and record every meaningful transaction in a way that can be retraced later by auditors and regulators. Finally, their data must be tightly protected, with minimal impact to customers and operations.

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GRC Software - Governance Risk and Compliance Solutions

By BP Logix on Jan 25, 2017 12:22:13 PM

Governance, Risk and Compliance Solutions With BPM Software

The goal of GRC software solutions is to reduce cost and risk. Compliance burden is specific to particular industries but one of the most common business process governance challenges come from the issues with SOX (The Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002), which requires certain business records be accessible to auditors for a given period of time. With heavy consequences ranging from fines to imprisonment, companies are looking for safe, easy governance, risk and compliance solutions in the form of GRC software to meet the need without breaking the bank.

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Organizational Change and BPM, Part 1: Know Thyself (and Thy Process)

By BP Logix on Oct 28, 2013 6:02:00 PM

Smart businesspeople are always looking for ways to improve operations. "Faster is better" is often the mantra, as we humans are somewhat predisposed to looking for ways to arrive ‘there’ (wherever that may be) more quickly. In today’s technology-driven world, that means we usually default to looking at devices and software to help us get where we need to go faster than anyone else.

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