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Invoice Processing Workflow Automation

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Invoice Process Solutions

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Approval Software: Approval Workflow Management

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Automate, Track and Record All Your Review and Approval Workflow Processes

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Automating Workflows: 3 Misconceptions To Avoid

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There may be some reluctance on the part of executives and stakeholders to implement workflow software for automating workflows within their organizations. That reluctance may be the result of either, 1) Existing habits and behaviors that are considered to be adequate, or 2) Fear. The former is actually more challenging to overcome from both an IT and business perspective, while the latter can often be addressed when an organization realizes how its business can become better, much better. It’s paradoxical to realize, too that fear is often what encourages people to hold on to old habits, thereby creating the mindset of, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." Smart businesses are not fooled by that adage, however.

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Approval Process Efficiency

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In typical medium-to-large enterprises, the approval process for any significant work product can, and often does, take longer than the time required to actually create the deliverable. As work output becomes more complex, approvals will necessarily involve more stakeholders, more sub-approvals and more opportunities for approval-based black holes to form around any given plan.

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Approval Workflow Software: Approval Process Solutions

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Is the Approval Process Slowing Your Organization Down?

Business workflow processes that require the approval of another employee or employees before it can be completed is considered an approval workflow.

An example could be an ad manager signing approval on a piece of advertising copy, or a management approval on an employee expense or even a timecard punch or purchase order. Approval workflow software can help automate the approval process to improve process efficiency, streamline the approvals or even issue automatic approvals under specific criteria.

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The Project, Step 2: Process Pat Seeks Executive Champions

By BP Logix on Jun 16, 2016 4:24:10 PM

All organizations operate according to a certain level of “group think“. That's not necessarily a bad thing because we all want employees focused on the same goals and adhering to similar work styles. As much as we don't want to admit to any amount of “Orwellianism” in our companies, while all of our employees at my company are equal, some are more equal than others. Those who are not equal are who we call ‘the executives.’

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Progress in West Allis: Using BPM and Workflow to Make Local Government More Efficient

By BP Logix on Dec 29, 2014 4:22:07 PM

For the residents of most municipalities, knowing that their trash will be picked up weekly and that the street lights come on when they are supposed to is enough to keep them happy. Civic pride may not be what it used to be, but there are still places where a sense of belonging and happiness is encouraged by innovative local governments. West Allis, Wisconsin is one such place. A quick scroll through the city's website shows a mayor who holds coffee klatches with residents twice per month, a program to help needy residents of the community, city-led efforts to encourage healthy living, and a host of other innovative ways to create a high quality of living. West Allis is about much more than just a place to live and do business. It is also a place that also seeks to improve the services it provides to its residents and business owners.

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Changing the Way We Work, Part 2: Preparing to Move Forward

By BP Logix on Oct 6, 2014 5:10:31 PM

With approval to proceed with his project and approach, Process Pat prepares for the upcoming changes

When we got funding for our business process automation and workflow project, a certain level of anxiety crept into my daily routine. After all, this approach was being seen as an overhaul —not just in technology but also in how we run our business. Now that executives have started to take notice, you might think that my stress level is off the charts. Actually, the opposite is true; now that we know our direction, I'm helping my team get focused, create checklists, and develop an actionable plan. When I see how this is unfolding, it moves the needle from “freaked out” to ‘measured excitement.’

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Are We There Yet? Preparing for Workflow

By BP Logix on Jun 12, 2014 7:01:35 PM

Operating a company can be like taking a family vacation. While the kids find ways to distract themselves and everyone else, the parents are focused on getting from Point A to Point B with as little disruption as possible. Arriving at the destination does not mean margaritas and frolicking in the pool for the parents, either; there is parking, checking in, unpacking and feeding the group, just for starters.

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