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What is Low Code BPM?

Low code BPM platforms are a growing and changing technology to reshape the future. These platforms replace the need for coding by using form builders, drag-and-drop features, object mapping, and the like.

Low code BPM platform technology was designed to allow web applications to be made quickly by people with little to no coding experience. They are a solution for both professionals and laypeople who are looking for fast and scalable “templated” products that scale and grow with the business.

A variety of built-in services give these platforms the ability to be agile in a changing marketplace by automating workflow processes and streamlining data for multiple users. These BPM development platforms allow business owners to have quickly developed IT solutions that meet business needs.

How Businesses Use These Platforms

This technology replaces software development of old — that slow, expensive process of creating a solution that may outgrow itself upon release. Rapid application development (RAD) allows businesses to design IT solutions that enhance efficiency and performance without the help of IT specialists.

Being able to act quickly and innovate on the spot allows a business to be more efficient in day-to-day tasks as well as keep the business on the cutting edge of customer fulfillment by staying in line with marketplace trends.

Low Code BPM Platform Solutions

Recently, PC Magazine put several rapid application development, low-code BPM platforms to the test. In their example, they had seasoned developers use the drag-and-drop tools to create a scheduling application that could:

“…add a new event (name, date/time, duration), invite users to the event, a save button to create the event, and the ability to view a list of events in calendar view or chronological list.” Source: PC Magazine,“Building an App With No Coding: Myth or Reality?”

In this test, all the developers were able to create results in less than an hour, some in as little as 10 minutes. These capabilities create low-cost solutions for businesses looking to streamline and better manage business processes.

Process Director BPM Platform

Process Director is a low code BPM platform that can support businesses with quick application solutions to streamline processes, reduce costs, and increase efficiency. Create solutions and implement changes before your competitor even begins to write code, even without a programmer!

With Process Director’s Process Timeline feature, you will have a patented business process automation system that updates on the fly. Respond to the most accurate information available with data at your fingertips — including alerts to when deadlines are likely to be missed and when a customer triggers a specific event. Electronic forms make handling even complex data entry a simple process that can be used with suppliers, customers, and employees.

To learn more about how Process Director BPM Platform can help your business, contact us today.