Invoice Approval Workflow Automation

By August 30, 2017approval, workflow

Invoice Approval Workflow Automation: Invoice Processing

Invoice processing solutions such as invoice approval workflow automation software are becoming increasingly popular as managing paper invoices is a problem many companies are looking to resolve. The most common complaints include:

  • Lost invoices
  • Incomplete information
  • Illegible data
  • Errors in data entry transfers
  • Purchase order matching
  • Supplier/vendor discrepancies

Accounts payable and management often become so frustrated with these complaints that they have turned to Process Director as their invoice processing solution. Two particular BP Logix clients, Rentokil and Abbott Labs, had tremendous success from implementing Process Director invoice approval workflow automation software.

Rentokil’s Cost Savings

Rentokil is a global support services company operating offices in over 60 countries and serving over a million customers. They needed an invoice approval workflow software solution to centralize their CapEx process.

Four levels of approvals required sending documents from country to country, delaying product purchasing, and slowing outcomes. Routing delays needed to be eliminated and real-time data was needed for better control, management, and to take advantage of cost-saving opportunities.

Process Director BPM software and workflow software solutions were chosen because it was able to incorporate reporting, business logic, and invoice workflow, including e-signatures to eliminate mail delays. As a result, Rentokil now saves a tremendous amount of time across departments, which inevitably saves on costs, too.

Abbott’s Invoice Processing Solution

Abbott Labs is a global healthcare research and manufacturing company. Their management information systems team needed to improve divisional process efficiency around new hire approvals, internal purchase order approvals, document workflow solutions specifically in the review/approval workflows, and electronic form conversions.

Process Director’s electronic signature technology and smart forms made approvals streamlined, automated, and consistent. Abbott also didn’t have to train users on new software because it integrated with Microsoft Word to keep the learning curve minimal.

The success of the approval workflow software created buzz that soon spread to the finance and purchasing departments to create invoice processing solutions, and then to customer service and even marketing for additional business process management automation.

Process Director Objectives and Benefits

Businesses choose Process Director invoice approval workflow automation software to:

  • Reduce errors
  • Avoid delays
  • Track invoices
  • Consolidate multiple formats of invoices
  • Reduce costs associated with paper forms

Process Director invoice approval workflow software allows businesses to streamline the approval process when invoice processing begins. This can be triggered by the scanning of paper-based forms, completion of online information, or even manually triggered when certain conditions are met. Invoices are easy to find as keywords, metadata, and indexing creates multiple search criteria, removing the problem of losing the document.

Easy integration with current accounting software, as well as other systems and software, reduces the learning curve and the need for expensive, time consuming coding. Reporting of all approval activities creates a complete audit trail for business process governance both internally and externally. And finally, approvals can be made on any device, making mobile workforce approvals and submissions faster and easier than ever.

Transform your manual, paper-based processes with audit friendly, searchable, consistent electronic forms, automation processes and simple integration with current programs. Reduce redundancies and delays through streamlined invoice approval workflow automation with Process Director. Contact us today to speak to one of our experts and request a free BPM software demo.