Incremental Software Upgrades

The Importance of Incremental Software Upgrades

As software “is eating the world”, it seems that EVERY Continue reading →

Higher Education BPM Examples

Higher Education BPM Examples: Improving Efficiencies for Today’s Colleges and Universities

Higher education institutions must adhere to a disciplined cadence of Continue reading →

Low-code development

Low-Code Development: What Works and What Doesn’t

The democratization of technology is completely reshaping business methods and Continue reading →

business process modelling

Business Process Modeling for Continual Optimization

In order to organize and focus an organization’s efforts, and Continue reading →

Process Integrity

SOC 2 Certification Gives Process Director Users Better Process Integrity

Security is at the forefront of everything we do at Continue reading →

Invoice Processing Workflow Automation

Invoice Process Solutions Though digital transformation is upon us, many Continue reading →

BPM Security

BPM Security Requirements: How to Evaluate and Implement the Security You Need

Because processes use and transact massive amounts of data, much Continue reading →

BPM Purchase Success

Five Steps to BPM Purchase Success

Making an investment in a BPM solution has far-reaching implications, Continue reading →

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Machine Learning, AI and BPM: Process Director v5 | BP Logix

AI and BPM: Deep Connections and Broad Implications

In every industry, businesses today are being swept up in Continue reading →

Rapid Application Deployment and Digital Transformation | BP Logix

How Rapid Application Development Helps With Digital Transformation

The need for digitally agile BPM platforms with highly subtle, rapid Continue reading →

Process Director v5 Infographic

BPM, Machine Learning And AI With Process Director v5

You might have been hearing whispers lately about how Process Continue reading →

IT and BPM: Business Process Management | BP Logix

IT and BPM: Free-Up IT Resources With A Low-Code BPM Platform

The average organization’s IT department is an overburdened pressure cooker Continue reading →

Process Director Healthcare | BP Logix

Process Director Industry Spotlight – Healthcare, Pharma and Life Sciences

With a shaking hand, you reach out to click on Continue reading →

What is iBPM (Intelligent Business Process Management) | BP Logix

What is iBPM (Intelligent Business Process Management)?

In a previous entry, we spoke about how digital transformers, Continue reading →

BPMN vs Process Timeline

BPMN Software Alternative: Advanced BPMN Modeling

Digital transformation has spurred a renaissance of adaptive case management Continue reading →

Free BPM Software Demo of Process Director

How BP Logix Works With Business and IT Users There Continue reading →

BPMN: Business Process Model & Notation vs Process Timeline

What Is BPMN Notation?: A Brief History A small cadre Continue reading →

Digital Transformation and Company Culture | BP Logix

Digital Transformation and Company Culture

Digital transformation initiatives act as a litmus test for company Continue reading →

Agile Case Management | BP Logix

Adaptive Case Management Solutions

What is content without context? At best, the content is Continue reading →

Is Digital Business For You | BP Logix

Is Digital Business Right For Your Business?

What is a Digital Business Digital business, as an entity, Continue reading →

IoT Digital Transformation | BP Logix

IoT, Digital Transformation and The Customer Journey

Back in the days of yore, when the good people Continue reading →

BPM Products And Their Expanding Roles | BP Logix

BPM Products: BPM Software And Its Expanding Role

The business process management software (BPM software) world is in Continue reading →

Packaged Applications vs Custom Applications vs BPM Software | BP Logix

Packaged Applications vs Custom Applications vs BPM Software

Enterprise IT leaders once faced a conundrum when approaching business Continue reading →

Sharepoint Software: The Workforce Awakens

Not long ago, in a galaxy right nearby, the good Continue reading →

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