A Security Roadmap for Higher Education

A recent study of the threat potential for a comprehensive Continue reading →

Optimize GRC with BPM and Workflow

In modern IT environments, compliance and security are highly reliant Continue reading →

Education Process Management – Scholarship and Grant Processes

There were more than 20 million students enrolled in colleges Continue reading →

Workflow Process and Optimized Business Outcomes

  The original intent of workflow processes was to create Continue reading →

Workflow Analysis: a Blueprint for Optimal Outcomes

Organizations depend on their business processes for the smooth, orderly Continue reading →

Workflow Design: A Foundational Framework

Most workflow projects take the approach of addressing an outcome Continue reading →

BPM: Supporting Manufacturing Digital Transformation

As economic growth spreads across the globe, one of the Continue reading →

Understanding the Relationship Between Digital Process Automation and BPM

  “In practice, digital process automation (or DPA) refers to Continue reading →

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Process Improvement: How BPM Can Improve Your Business

What is Process Improvement? If you are looking for a Continue reading →

Healthcare Workflow Automation Solutions

Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences all face considerable challenges— updating Continue reading →

Automating Workflows | BP Logix

Automating Workflows: 3 Misconceptions To Avoid

There may be some reluctance on the part of executives Continue reading →

Hospitality Software | BP Logix

Hospitality Software Solutions

More than any sector, hospitality engages with the changing needs Continue reading →

Workflow Solutions With Process Director Workflow Software

Process Director Workflow Software Solutions As an advanced business process Continue reading →

Public Sector Workflow | BP Logix

Public Sector Workflow Management Solutions

Public sector agencies stand before changing times – a public Continue reading →

Low Code/No Code BPM: Fluidity, Function and Freedom

The capacity of today’s deeper low code/no code BPM platforms Continue reading →

Smart Forms | BP Logix

Smart Forms

Before the days of smart forms, there was this material Continue reading →

BPMN Overview - Business Process Modeling Notation | BP Logix

Business Process Modeling & Notation (BPMN): What Is BPMN?

What is Business Process Modeling & Notation (BPMN)? In the Continue reading →

Business Process Management (BPM), IoT & AI Together Fuels Predictability

The New Renaissance of Data and Business Process Management In Continue reading →

Machine Learning, AI and BPM: Process Director v5 | BP Logix

AI and BPM: Deep Connections and Broad Implications

In every industry, businesses today are being swept up in Continue reading →

Rapid Application Deployment and Digital Transformation | BP Logix

How Rapid Application Development Helps With Digital Transformation

The need for digitally agile BPM platforms with highly subtle, rapid Continue reading →

Process Director v5 Infographic

BPM, Machine Learning And AI With Process Director v5

You might have been hearing whispers lately about how Process Continue reading →

IT and BPM: Business Process Management | BP Logix

IT and BPM: Free-Up IT Resources With A Low-Code BPM Platform

The average organization’s IT department is an overburdened pressure cooker Continue reading →

Process Director Healthcare | BP Logix

Process Director Industry Spotlight – Healthcare, Pharma and Life Sciences

With a shaking hand, you reach out to click on Continue reading →

What is iBPM (Intelligent Business Process Management) | BP Logix

What is iBPM (Intelligent Business Process Management)?

In a previous entry, we spoke about how digital transformers, Continue reading →

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