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Process Timeline

BP Logix is the only company to offer Process Timeline — a business process automation software solution that introduces the component of time into business process management. Traditionally, BPM software have been driven by two key factors:

  1. Better outcomes from higher efficiency processes.
  2. The need for appropriate controls.

However, many BPM solutions have neglected the element of time. Time allows businesses to obtain additional control over processes by allowing for prediction elements, or business process intelligence, to determine timeliness.

Imagine if your BPM software included a business process automation software solution that could alert you when the timeline for a specific task wasn’t met, or if future tasks are at a risk of not being met? How could that change efficiency for your organization?

The Critical Element of Time and the iBPM

The element of timeline management is crucial to planning and oversight. Intelligent Business Process Management (iBPMS) allows for human intervention when a timeline gets off track, or can trigger a different event in the process. Traditional BPMs focus on quality and business process governance, while adding business process automation software with the predictive element of time gives the user the ability to see how later process stages will be affected by the previous ones. This adds huge value to the managed process by allowing the earliest possible notification of potential delays to allow intervention before timeline problems arise.

In workflow processes, there is a review and approval step in place, but it doesn’t answer the questions:

“When will this task complete?”

“When will this entire process complete?”

These questions are of great importance in management, because while it may be great to know you are on track to hit a specific goal, it is still important to know what is currently happening. It is similar to comparing the act of looking at a transactions in a register to discover errors, rather than simply looking at a monthly profit and loss statement.

Flowchart Model Failures

Time efficiency is achieved often through business process automation software, with cost savings as the most obvious goal.

Example Process Timeline with Predicted Timelines

Outside of automation, these savings come about by removing process redundancies  and streamlining processes, usually through the support of BPM. More efficient use of time, less paper consumption, and business process automation can certainly tighten processes and reduce expenses, creating a higher ROI. Reduced risks and lowered costs of non-compliance issues also effect the bottom line.

A flowchart will say, “What happens next,” while Process Timeline business process automation software technology will more importantly ask, “What must be completed before this step begin and how long will it take?”

The two benefits of BPM, efficiency and governance, are now improved on by incorporating the critical element of a time-focused process technique, found only in BP Logix Process Timeline, which results in even greater benefits.

Benefits of a BPM Solution With Business Process Automation Software

  1. Simple models allow businesses to go from discovery to full business process automation faster. Each activity is listed with its duration estimate, to create fast workflow processes. Activities can run at the same time, without complicated coding to configure parallel behavior.
  2. The status of the entire process, as well as sub-processes can be determined at a glance, allowing for proactive response and the earliest notification of potential delays to allow for quick intervention.
  3. Predictive nature “sees” future problems and can trigger actions to the changing circumstance so obstacles can be overcome before deadlines are missed or production halts. Process Timeline records predicted execution versus actual time, every time the process runs and adjusts the time estimates for even better management.
  4. Process Director stores every aspect of the process for audits, internally or externally, for improved compliance.

BP Logix developed Process Director and the business process automation software technology, Process Timeline, in order to address the critical element of time in BPM solutions. Process Timeline equips businesses to build robust process models without the need to develop code, making it a preferred BPM software solution. And because flowchart workflow automation is appropriate for some processes, Process Director has integrated both models, allowing traditional and intelligent processes to work together to create complex and manageable processes for optimal effectiveness, quality, and compliance needs.