The Evolution of BPM Technology – Intelligent BPM

Intelligent BPM Technology | BP Logix

The evolution of BPM technology, like most technology, has happened quickly. Within the industry, we have seen great strides and early adopters have come along on that journey to see truly revolutionary advances. As more enterprises look to streamline processes and build leaner, more efficient business models, so must BPM technology become more effective. Intelligent BPM software (iBPMS) is then the evolution, a choice to keep improving, just as the companies implementing them are doing.

Process Director BPM technology is ever evolving intelligent BPM software. What qualities make Process Director an award winning iBPMS solution?

Mobile BPM Technology

Mobile BPM software technology is allowing technicians who work remotely in the field to access specialized applications for more complete data, faster processing and reduced redundancies. Developed quickly with minimal coding and integrated with the office via the cloud, these low code applications support everything from logistics to approval workflows, installations and inspection processes.

Social BPM

Great and consistent customer experiences are one big way intelligent BPM is changing the face of business. Automation in response to particular client actions and predictive responses to customers are creating better engagement, interaction, and sales.

Cloud based BPM

Through a cloud based BPM, such as Process Director, you can create processes that utilize the best of online products such as Dropbox, Google Docs, Sharepoint, Salesforce and more. Easy integration means you are never stuck with an outdated, archaic system. Cloud-based BPMs are agile, transformative, innovative and always improving, just like your business.

Business Process Automation

Automation allows redundant tasks to be handled consistently so human capital can focus on higher business functions. Again, consistency is a goal of iBPMS solutions and automation means less gaps in both simple and complex workflows, including data entry, compliance and approval based business processes.

Process Timeline™

Process Timeline is a unique feature of BP Logix Process Director that allows for customized and predictive analysis for better workflow management. Before the evolution of iBPMS, workflow management wasn’t much more than sequential task lists lacking the ability to adjust when “real life” happened.

Case Management Solutions

Case management requires the ability to have “exceptions to the rule”. Being able to have workflows that are event and/or time driven, plus any ad hoc activities, and sequential workflows all moving toward the same outcome, are critical. Without iBPM, these types of business processes can experience significant loss through redundancies and down time.

Process Director is your intelligent BPM solution. Ready to see for yourself? Contact us for a free Process Director demo from a BP Logix business process management expert.