BP Logix Live!

We’re breaking out the latest, state-of-the-art visual recording technology* here at BP Logix. Why? To bring you a new series of videos on topics that matter to businesses large and small that want to leverage the power of business process management (BPM) to achieve operational efficiency, regulatory compliance, and measurable return on investment.

In our first episode, your humble blogger spends a few minutes discussing why business process management (BPM) will grow in relevance as a tough financial period gives way to better times. Future videos will cover other topics, such as BPM fundamentals, business process improvement (BPI), and perhaps other areas suggested by you, our readers.

We’re also looking forward to sharing some videos produced by our customers, letting you know how they are using BP Logix BPM software and workflow software.

In the meantime: enjoy the video, and as always, please let me know what you think of this blog through the comment window below, or by contacting me directly.

(*) That’s right: it’s a webcam built into a MacBook Pro.

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