My experience and what I’ve learned along the way will hopefully help you.

Improving how my business operates IS my business, and I suspect it’s yours, too. While it sometimes may appear that dealing with critical issues and fire drills is my daily routine, it is not the best use of my skill-set. I want my team and my company to implement smart processes with logical workflows so that we can avoid problems, achieve desired results and enable my business to reach its true potential.

While it’s easy to keep doing things the way we’ve always done them, I’m not okay with the status quo. I’d like to see the possibilities that exist, so I’m planning to make some changes for the better. I know it will take an investment in time and training – and that there will be some cultural changes as well -but I’m looking beyond just today. I want to grow our business, not just maintain it.

As I am learning about business process management and workflow, and understanding solutions that can help me, I will be sharing my story about what we are experiencing. I hope that will be helpful to you as well.