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Process Timeline™: Workflow & Business Process Management Software

Add the dimension of time to your business processes and workflows

Process Director is the only business process and workflow solution to offer the patented Process Timeline™ technology. Process Timeline provides business users with the earliest possible notice of potential delays, leading to early intervention and fewer surprises. As a workflow process software, Process Timeline also offers process owners the ability to examine “what-if” scenarios, enabling them to predict the impact of an anticipated or hypothetical delay in a given process instance.

BP Logix developed Process Timeline to address the lack of predictability in business processes. While most BPM solutions can only tell you when a particular task is late, Process Timeline uses its knowledge of your process’ execution history to predict when each task is likely to complete, no matter how far in the future that task is scheduled to begin.

The Advantages of Time-Aware Business Process Management and Workflow Software

  • Building any business process is greatly simplified, requiring no complicated flowcharts or programming
  • The status of any process can be determined at a glance
  • From the moment it is launched, Process Timeline is constantly evaluating your process, and can generate notifications or escalations, or take any other action you specify, if it detects that a future activity is likely to be delayed
  • Any activities that can be run in parallel will be, maximizing business process efficiency and minimizing process design time
  • The dimension of time is part of your process definition and execution, providing predictive capabilities to alert you when something may go wrong

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The benefits of time-aware business processes and workflows

  • Faster time-to-value: Process Timeline’s point-and-click interface enables process builders to go from discovery to full automation faster than previously possible
  • Proactive response: Process Timeline enables the business to predict future problems, adapt to changing circumstances, and succeed in avoiding unnecessary delays
  • Continuous improvement: Process Timeline shows you at a glance where to find the bottlenecks in your process, so you can make the changes necessary for greater efficiency

Process Timeline is as easy to modify as an Excel spreadsheet or Microsoft Project worksheet. As a result, Process Director makes it possible for your processes to change at the speed of your business. Finally, Process Timelines can be combined with traditional, flowchart-style workflows to create rich, complex processes to address even the most demanding BPM requirements.

For more information about how this business process workflow software can help you predict, adapt, and succeed, please read our white paper, Adding the Time Dimension to BPM.

The Value of Time-Aware Workflows

"Where we've really gained benefits is the ability to recognize projects before they become at risk. We're really able to get ahead of them and prevent issues from occurring."

Matthew Guglielmetti

Associate Director, Starwood Hotels & Resorts